Yeonjoo Song

Artist Statement:
Study on the Representation of the Underwater World
-Possibilities of Painterly Expression Using Silver Foil-

Since childhood, I have had a longing for the world under the sea; about 10 years ago, I obtained a diving certification which allowed me to actually experience the underwater world. The boundless world that exists under the sea and the mystery of the creatures that live there have deeply moved me and are the source of inspiration for my creative activities. Under the water, one gets the sense of being in a mother’s womb. To express that sense through images is what my creativity and art is about. After a period of trial and error, I discovered silver leaf as a material to express the mystery of the underwater world. The color of silver leaf differs according to the light and angle; the color also changes with chemical reaction. To me, there is a strong similarity between the way I feel when I see the color of silver leaf turn from white silver to a blackish steel hue and the way I feel when I dive deep into the sea – anxiety and joy intermingling within me as the surrounding landscape changes with every moment. In making my works, I always seek to express the sense of diving from shallow waters to deep waters. I feel that rusted silver leaf evokes the passing of time, and makes it possible for me to radiantly express the wonder of the sea. I have come to use the hue-changing silver leaf in my works because by incorporating this color, I believe I will be able to establish my own, distinctive way of depicting the underwater world.
For me, it is important to incorporate colors in my works that subtly change every time one looks at it. That is why I chose silver leaf as the most  suitable material to recreate the underwater experience. The theme of myworks is for viewers to experience the underwater world through the filter of my works. In the future, I would like to continue researching and creating, and make works that soothe the viewer – just as I myself am soothed by the sea; I hope to try using other materials and styles and expand my range of expression.