Artist Statement:
Everything changes endlessly in every way. The process of change is an important aspect of my work. I can speak to you; that is, you and I can communicate through my work. However, it is my wish that you also communicate with yourself through my work, and that you discover your emotions and new aspects of your personality that, perhaps, you never knew before. And I hope that you’ll share your new perspective and have empathy with the people you love. In other words, don’t just look at the world from the perspective that only you have, but also try for a new perspective that keeps you renewed and fresh. This exhibition is small part of my Water Series. The essential nature of water never changes, but its qualities can change depending on the environment. The ceiling installation is a collection of spheres that are made only of paper and water, symbolizing how water changes due to human influence and temperature.
My intention is to express the changes water undergoes from polluted to clean, but please do not think only about pollution and “purity.” Also consider the transformations that you have been through in your life. Find the beauty within yourself and think about the changes that you have made.