Artist Statement:
Geometry has always been deeply imbedded in my practice.  Being captivated by natural wonder, my enduring interest in geometries and mathematical structures was in some way revived/heightened by analyzing the found objects I collected in field and forest.  Those forms like various seedpods exemplified the fundamental rules of repeat patterns, and close scrutiny revealed their architectural secrets.  This essential understanding stimulated my imagination towards building a complex undulating surface with both regular and irregular modules.  Ideally I would like to portray a coherent philosophy rooted in both nature and science, yet I would contrarily also like to shake up their logic in the hope that my work might transcend my current knowledge.  Or perhaps/simply be allowed to become more spontaneous and less predictable. 
In my recent work, each facet becomes very crucial because the shape of the next module is at least partially determined by the previous line or curve.  The instinctive decisions I make for individual facets eventually define the final appearance of a finished piece.  I am very energized by this open possibility in structural development where I listen to, and not simply control, the process.  While next steps are never certain, my hope is that this methodology will continue to offer fresh prospects ahead.