It is Gallery BOM’s privilege to introduce Angela A’Court’s new show, “THISNESS” in September 2017. 
Angela’s work is characterized by openness. It is that openness that invites you into her world—a world in which you become deeply conscious of the space objects occupy. Whenever I see her work, I feel as though I can breathe deeply. The space that she creates invites you to do so, creating, in a sense, your own private moment.
Her compositions also have the very special power to renew your perspective, refreshing each present object. Her still lifes transcend genre, giving each object its own rich, surprising, and complex character. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do and are pleasantly surprised the moment you first encounter it. 
— Yunmin Zala Director, GalleryBOM

Artist Statement:
The quality of being here and now - or such as it is. The concrete, objective reality of a thing. Relic - remains or something left behind. The work for this show is a collection of still-lifes, inspired by the concept of “Thisness”. On the wall opposite the studio window, there is a shelf where I keep my inspiration: rows of odd jugs, wonky pots and cups that, over time, have ended up stacked and grouped together. Gathered relics of memory that reflect the layers of life - the tiny rituals of our day-to-day that nourish, like the words and rhythm of a poem. Taking a piece down from the shelf, I’ll start by holding it in my hand to feel its weight and let it ‘talk’ to me. I don’t set up or arrange a still-life but let the work unfold instinctively so each object finds its essential ’Thisness’.
By exploring the ‘Thisness’ of an object, I’m trying to describe the space it occupies - so that it feels as if the object itself has been placed on the painting and has been carved out. As the work evolves and new pieces are added, it is the negative areas that form in between that become equally important. Above all, it is both the solidity and transience of an object that inspires - individually and as a group. The end result is a narrative of the passage from the past to the present moment. Each object becomes charged by its collective context to reveal its “Thisness” and a new conversation ensues.