Artist Bio:
A.J. is an emerging self-taught artist originally from Seattle. She graduated with a BA in Economics and Sociology, and spent her professional career working in roles that required organization and detailed analysis. In her painting career, A.J. has taken measured and controlled techniques to create balanced and detail oriented paintings. A.J.'s art is created using the eraser side of a #2 pencil. Paint consistency, pressure on the board or canvas, and a steady hand result in her "dot". Adding thousands of dots together using the right color combinations results in her calm and peaceful paintings. The circular designs that are common throughout her work symbolize individuals and their journey towards a more healthful, conscious life. A full bullseye represents a completeness within an individual. A.J. has consistently sought out knowledge, education, and points of view that would better her own self-growth. Her bullseyes symbolize the imperfect completeness that she believes most people are searching for. In her most recent work, A.J. began breaking up her bullseyes. This new non-standard shape that remains is significant in that she has come to realize that all individuals have certain components of themelves that can be let go or removed. In doing so, a more conscious way of living can emerge. All of her paintings are driven largely by color. She is inspired by everything that surrounds her, and attempts to recreate combinations of color in her paintings. Each color inspiration exudes a certain emotion for her. As the piece progresses, A.J.'s challenge is to maintain that emotional "vision" while adding more color, and ultimately translating that emotion to the viewer, simultaneously telling the story of the individuals that are symbolized.